Set It and Forget It

With parking lights on a consistent schedule, no one thought about these lights any more. Employees no longer had to remember to flip the switch at a certain time. As expected, customers had safe light levels before sunrise and after sunset. And the manager knew this part of the business ran fine. Online schedules for lights and equipment saves time, reducing energy costs, and provides reliability for everyone involved.

online lighting and equipment controls
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Enterprise Hardware and Software

Intellergy developed complete enterprise hardware solutions for an energy services company. This company provides building management services for large national chains.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Providing rebates for ground source heat pumps made a government entity curious about performance. Intellergy provided the monitoring hardware, installation, and analytics.

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Heating and Cooling Service Management

A boiler manufacturer wanted to reduce customer downtimes and with proactive monitoring service. Through their dealer network, they manage multiple locations and partners.

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Parking Lot Light Automation

See how easy a fast-food chain automated their parking lot lights. They reduced employee responsibility and ensured a consistent schedule.

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