Beautiful, informative dashboards

intellergy creates beautiful dashboards for building intelligence, data display, and education. Our visuals are carefully designed to convey essential information at a glance. More on dashboard design >>

Click the image to view a Passive Home monitoring project we did for a green energy agency.

Dashboard for Passive House Project

Software and Hardware for Building Intelligence

We're experts in building intelligence and data visualization

Intellergy develops solutions for home, education, and business energy and building performance monitoring.

In particular, we offer integration services for Powerhouse Dynamics’ eMonitor energy management system, and are the first solution provider authorized by Powerhouse Dynamics. From energy monitoring to integration of home systems and custom software, Intellergy brings unique expertise and experience to our clients.

Intellergy’s staff has long experience in software engineering, UI design and hardware/firmware design. Our core team led the creation of the first-generation Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor hardware and software. We founded Intellergy Inc. to be able to expand the power of the eMonitor by providing custom software and integration services to eMonitor dealers and customers, working closely with Powerhouse Dynamics.

Building Monitoring Packages

From integration with home security, entertainment and control systems to development of custom modules that interface with the eMonitor, Intellergy can add value to energy management and building intelligence implementations.

We span the range of monitoring and control, from electricity monitoring, remote HVAC control, temperature, air quality and fluid flows.

We offer sensor and custom dashboard packages, including for

  • Solar hot water systems
  • Ground thermal (geothermal) systems
  • Building Monitoring
  • Full Building Intelligence

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