Impressive Software Library

Our software offers powerful functionality, ease of maintenance, and nearly infinite expansion. We provide an impressive core of modules:

  • Energy management
  • Refrigeration monitoring and optimization
  • Heating and cooling monitoring and controls
  • Lighting controls

Rapidly Customized and Deployed

The software platform provides great flexibility for customizations. We can apply branding to provide a consistent look and feel for your customers. If your business model requires new features, we have a history of accommodating many interesting requests. Supporting new hardware is normally straight forward. We can directly integrate with many sensors and meters through our own hardware. Or, we can often provide integration with a new device. Intellergy is an experienced and proven R&D team.

Core Software Modules

Energy Management Solutions

See where energy is being used and when. Know if equipment is running efficiently and as expected. See savings generated by renewable power sources.

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Environmental Conditions

Know the air quality, temperature, and relative humidity with remote monitoring technology. Trigger alerts, generate reports, and perform calculations with this data.

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Food Safety Reports and Alerts

Receive alarms for foods outside of a temperature range. Know your track record with historical data and reports. Easily capture temperatures sensors and probes.

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Lighting and Equipment Controls

Set schedules and turn devices on or off with Intellergy Lighting and Equipment Controls. Easily make changes with your smart phone.

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Online Thermostat Controls

Easily control thermostats online with the inGate. Set heating and cooling schedules. Make adjustments with your smartphone.

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Refrigeration Monitoring

Ensure food is stored at safe temperatures. Save costs by reducing food spoiled by refrigeration malfunction or human error.

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