Intellergy Hardware Diagram

The Complete Hardware Solution

Intellergy hardware includes gateways, data acquisition, and sensors. Typically, the inGate transmits monitoring and control information. This commercial-grade ethernet gateway sends data using the building's network to our cloud servers. The inGate integrates directly with Modbus and select Zigbee devices, including sensors and thermostats. Many third-party sensors and meters interface with the inDAC and the gateway. The inControl provides lighting and equipment schedules and relays this information through the inGate. Nearly 3,000 units are in use today.

Hardware Library and Integration


Set online schedules for lighting and equipment. Turn things off and on with your laptop or smartphone with the inControl.

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The inDAC reads data from 1-Wire sensors, pulse counters, analog sensors and meters, and Modbus devices

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The inGate is a commercial-grade Ethernet gateway for monitoring and controlling building systems

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Monitor temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) with inSense sensors

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Intellergy integrates with many third-party devices. This list includes meters and sensors for electricity, water, gas, BTU, environmental conditions, and airflow.

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