inView Energy Management Dashboard

See how buildings and equipment use energy resources, such as electricity, water, or gas. The online portals can be used for billing energy users, analysis to identify ways to reduce energy costs, or evaluate buildings and mechanical systems. Or see the output of solar and wind production, as well as energy stored in batteries.


When utilities are not metered for tenants, Intellergy offers submetering solutions. Possible utilities include electricity, water, gas, and even domestic hot water. Revenue-grade options are available.

Energy Efficiency

Monitoring what contributes to energy bills can provide insight into how to reduce these costs. Concerning electricity, Intellergy offers integration with circuit-level meters. Plug load devices are also an option. By using multiple meters for propane, gas, and water, energy use can be segmented by occupant or equipment.


Measuring energy use measurement provides quantitative feedback on buildings and equipment. These numbers can guide decisions to adjust equipment settings, perform maintenace, or replacement equipment -- all in the spirit of balancing costs and improving performance. Depending on data being gathered, Intellergy can provide costs, ouptput, and even coefficient of performance.