Our team co-invented the original SiteSage hardware, software, and firmware. SiteSage is now a leading energy and asset management technology for over 5,000 prominent fast food and retail chain locations. The product is now manufactured by Powerhouse Dynamics.

Intellergy Today

The original team from the SiteSage development remains intact, but is now the core of a separate company called Intellergy. We added key engineering and software development resources, and received several rounds of valuable R&D funding from the Maine Technology Institute. We now manufacture our own product line of gateways, data acquisition devices, sensors, software applications, mobile apps, and firmware. Approximately 3,000 hardware units are in use today.

Management Team

Carsten Steenberg - CEO

As the CEO, Carsten leads the successful sales, project management, and R&D ventures for Intellergy. He has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School in his native Denmark. Prior to founding Powerhouse Dynamics and PowerWise Systems, Carsten was president of Phase One, a high-end digital camera company.

Richard Merrill - User Interface Designer

Richard Merrill creates the dashboards for Intellergy customers. His dashboards are the window to building performance data. Richard's designs include a friendly interface for lighting and thermostat controls. He brings a long history of graphics, engineering, and project leadership to Intellergy. Richard began as a mechanical design engineer in Boston. After moving into graphic and web design, he distinguished himself with awards from press and graphics associations.

Curtis Meadow - Chief Technical Officer

Meadow received his MS in Computer Science from the University of Maine, and for many years was Senior Software Engineer for Trefoil Corporation. He manages server and database architecture for Intellergy. Curtis designed the original SiteSage database system.

Ray Toothaker - President and COO

Prior to Intellergy, Ray was influential in two very successful startup companies including ATS, Inc., which he founded. He is a proven salesperson, negotiator, and leader. Ray is a graduate of Boston University.

Patrick Bates - Engineering Manager

Patrick manages the software team, designs engineering solutions for customers, and provides vision and action for Intellergy research and development. He has B.S. in mechanical engineering from University of Maine.

Christian Gilbert - Business Development

Christian is an experienced sales and marketing executive in the high-tech industry. He began his career in the 90's technology boom. These colleagues continue to inspire him today. Christian has a B.S. in environmental engineering.